The MYMOFO® Mouth Guard

MYMOFO® Night Guard - Moderate/Heavy Grinder

MYMOFO® Night Guard - Moderate/Heavy Grinder

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MYMOFO® Night Guard - Light Grinder

MYMOFO® Night Guard - Light Grinder

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MYMOFO® Hybrid - Comfort Guard

MYMOFO® Hybrid - Comfort Guard

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MYMOFO® Night Guard - Colour

MYMOFO® Night Guard - Colour

常规价格 $349.00 Shop now

What Makes MYMOFOSMILE Stand Out?

Not only do we offer the best mouth guard for clenching, but we also simplify the process of getting one drastically. You don’t have to go in for multiple expensive appointments just to get an impression of your teeth. Instead, we simply send you a kit that lets you do it all on your own. Once you mail us your impression, we can create a custom mouth guard for clenching that will suit your needs. The entire process doesn’t take longer than a week or two, giving you a quick solution to an irritating problem. 

If your teeth are on the sensitive side or you require a more comfortable mouth guard for clenching, we offer softer variants as well. Whether you need a night guard or a day guard, we’ve got you covered. 

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Rid yourself of teeth clenching problems with the help of our diverse array of mouth guard solutions. Getting the right mouth guard for clenching can mean the difference between solving your problems and making them worse, so make sure you get the right choice here at MYMOFOSMILE. 

Learn more about the products we offer in our store and see which mouth guard would best suit your teeth...

Which type of guard is best for you?

MYMOFO® Night Guard - Moderate/Heavy

Light to Heavy Teeth Grinding or Clenching, Longest Service Life, Dentists recommend

MYMOFO® Night Guard - Light

Light to Moderate Teeth Grinding or Clenching, Intermediate Service Life

MYMOFO® Night Guard - Hybrid

Light to Moderate Teeth Clenching, Intermediate Service Life

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