Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding

Dental Solutions for Teeth Grinding

Looking for a way to take care of excessive teeth grinding and keep your smile healthy? You’ve come to the right place. Here at MYMOFOSMILE, we’re all too familiar with the problems caused by bruxing. For something that seems rather innocuous, grinding your teeth can cause a range of issues such as migraines and disrupted sleep. 

If you experience these issues, we’ve got just the solution for you—a grinding mouth guard.

Superior Quality Dental Night Guard

The MYMOFO® Night Guard is the best occlusal guard also known as a night splint designed for dealing with teeth clenching and grinding. It is the recommended night guard for anyone serious about their oral health

Replacement Dental Retainers

This set of retainers to replace lost or broken retainers. They come in a pair and can be a combination of upper and/or lower retainers.

Light Duty Mouth Guard

Light duty night guard for daytime or night time grinding and clenching. It is the least bulky but is not as durable. This is recommended for someone who needs to wear an occlusal splint for daytime use.

Best Anti Clenching Mouth Guard

This night guard is only suitable for light to moderate clenching. It is made of the same soft material professional sports guards are made from.

Soft Lined Night Guard

Soft Lined Occlusal Splint for light to moderate teeth grinding.

Protect Your Teeth

Why go through the trouble of scheduling an appointment just to have someone else take an impression of your teeth when you can do it yourself? MYMOFOSMILE offers you the simplest and most straightforward way to get a customized mouth guard for teeth grinding. Instead of going through multiple appointments, you can use our kit to create a teeth impression on your own, send it to us, and we’ll get you the perfect mouth guard to stop teeth grinding.

The process doesn’t last more than five minutes, and you can expect your mouth guard to arrive in about a week or two. 

We offer some of the softest and most affordable solutions for teeth grinding, so your teeth can get a perfect fit and avoid unnecessary damage. 

Check out our shop and see which dental solution would best fit your needs...

Which type of guard is best for you?

MYMOFO® Night Guard

Light to Heavy Teeth Grinding or Clenching, Longest Service Life, Dentists recommend

MYMOFO® Light Duty

Light to Moderate Teeth Grinding or Clenching, Intermediate Service Life

MYMOFO® Soft Guard

Light to Moderate Teeth Clenching, Intermediate Service Life