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Keep Your Pearly Whites Healthy

Getting that perfect dental mouth guard is much simpler when you have MYMOFOSMILE on your side. We have a phenomenal selection of dental devices that can help you straighten teeth and stop teeth grinding during the day and night.

Best of all—we can create custom dental mouth guards that will keep your pearly whites safe as you sleep.

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Check out our selection of custom teeth mouth guards and see which one would suit your needs best. Here at MYMOFOSMILE, we offer high-quality clear mouth guards you can use discreetly, as well as softer models for more delicate teeth.

Got some questions for our team or need help with a product? Get in touch with our customer support using email or live chat, and they’ll be with you as soon as possible!

Which type of guard is best for you?

MYMOFO® Night Guard

Light to Heavy Teeth Grinding or Clenching, Longest Service Life, Dentists recommend

MYMOFO® Light Duty

Light to Moderate Teeth Grinding or Clenching, Intermediate Service Life

MYMOFO® Soft Guard

Light to Moderate Teeth Clenching, Intermediate Service Life